Chengal wood

Chengal, like Teak, has the unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, planking, etc. Here are some tips to help you maintain your Chengal wood decking for that you achieve long life of it.

These are the woods that can withstand Singapore tropical climate over a lengthy period. Due to the value of the timber and the tree getting rare, Chengal receives special attention from the Forestry Department.

The wood will naturally weather to a silver-grey colour similar to Teak. When purchasing, get the right chengal wood from a credible supplier. The top wood decks would be installed onto the built support in a perpendicular manner.

To allow waterflow and allowance for wood expansion, there will be a few millimetre gaps in between each wood plank. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, do not hesitate to engage a professional.

Wood Decking

After informing them it can help as they will avoid hence ensuring maximum maintenance to your Chengal Wood decking. Wood decking gives aesthetic as well as financial value. If you notice any weak point contact your contractor for advice on what step to take.

They do not know where to get them, how much they go for and what it takes to keep them in good condition. It should be cleaned carefully so that you do not damage the deck.

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You need to use good a cleaning material while cleaning that does not spill a lot of water on the deck. In addition, young Chengal wood also contains a lot of sapwood which is obviously not that durable. It is therefore important that you shop around and know the prevailing rates before purchasing.

Generally you should only use water and detergent. In cases where we need to raise the decking support to a certain height, normally in planter box cases, wood footings will be constructed. Plus, the high content of natural sugars in young Chengal wood contribute to bacteria growth, accelerating the rotting and decaying process of natural wood.

Unfortunately, most Singaporeans lack adequate information concerning chengal decking. But it shrinks more than Teak and the deck will therefore develop more leaks and due to its hardness a Chengal deck will be relatively slippery, developing a marble like surface.

While it is true that mature Chengal wood has a very long lifespan under outdoor conditions, young Chengal wood do not offer the same benefit. Detergents used should also be mild. Younger Chengal has a few characteristics that would not be deemed desirable: It has a very high Janka hardness rating and is suitable for structural works but we do not condone the use of it as the first choice for wood building due to its negative aesthetic appeal and high maintenance requirement.

Also ensure that you have put in place the necessary precautions so that your deck is not damaged. It is also highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew. He advised us on the various types of floorings and we decided to go for laminate flooring, vinyl and also decking for my patio.

Despite its extreme strength and hardness, Chengal is highly flexible before it is fully cured, making it the ideal wood for plank bending boatbuilding. In addition, Chengal has a relatively low shrinkage ratio, only inferior to Teak which makes it excellent for applications where it undergoes periodic changes in moisture.

As such, it may be beneficial to consider your needs when comparing each type. It is also loaded with sugar that make it a bait for bacteria and mold, this in turn makes young chengal wood rot and decay faster.

Mature chengal wood is actually more expensive than young chengal. In cases where we need to raise the decking support to a certain height, normally in planter box cases, wood footings will be constructed. With the exception of pin holes, the timber of chengal is free from knots and other defects characteristic of sawn timber.

Each of these woods has its own distinct characteristics appreciated by our clients. Many do not like the lengthy deep holes they have to deal with when they step out onto their outdoor balconies.

Chengal Wood Decking – Benefits & Alternatives

It becomes more crucial if you have kids. Due to this, plantation Chengal which is much younger in age is harvested to meet the demands. Established sinceLim's Timber Trading Co, is one of the leading timber professional in the industry. The company has vast experience, resources and capabilities in fabricating and supplying all kind of wood related products.

After installation, the wood deck will be sanded and varnished with a wood water-based varnish. Most Chengal decking is stained in walnut or dark walnut colour and most. Mature chengal wood is actually more expensive than young chengal. However considering the drawbacks of using young chengal, mature chengal is the best.

As such, it is better that you spend more and get quality chengal wood that will meet your needs.

Solid Wood Decking

Chengal wood decking is one of the most common wood decking options in Singapore. It is important to source for credible decking contractors who can supply home owners with quality Chengal Wood for their decking installation. Chengal wood decking like any other structure in a home can assure you great service in case you take great care of it.

The great care involves proper maintain and taking precautions on the practices that can lead to its spoilage. Chengal Wood Decking – Benefits & Alternatives Timber Malaysia January 3, Outdoor Timber Decking 0 One of the most sought-after solid hardwood in Malaysia and other tropical countries, Chengal is a well-loved wood for the installation of outdoor decking.

Chengal wood
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